Fall Season has been Cancelled

Letter from the President, Dee Wooley

As I sit here on this beautiful late summer day that is a perfect soccer day it is with an extremely heavy heart that I announce that the EMWSL Fall 2020 season is cancelled. This week the board met again after many weeks of discussions, analysis, and reviews of many mandates on play we made the exceedingly difficult decision to cancel the fall season. 
As was said this summer the current global pandemic is fluid and changing daily.  For transparency, I would like to share with you some of the factors that were taken into careful consideration when making this decision:

  • Field permitting: It has become apparent that many localities are not currently issuing permits. Many localities are following state guidelines, but Boards of Health have the ultimate decision and feel the risks are too great. As a result then localities cannot permit fields.
  • Timing of the season: As Universities and Schools are now opening the worry is that we will have a new surge in this area making more players susceptible to the virus and then with play possibly spreading the virus.
  • Responsibility to our community: We again discussed the impact of a confirmed COVID cases on a team, the multiple teams impacted, and the chances of our players taking COVID out into the communities we live in.

Although we discussed the logistical challenges and many positive and negative consequences of playing, our decision came down again to one simple focus, the safety and well-being or our players, coaches, referees and all of our families and communities. This is our top priority.
We all know how important a role soccer plays in all our lives and the friendships and support system we enjoy on and off the pitch. As a board we will continue to work and plan now for a spring season and we all hope for the world that we get on top of this pandemic and eradicate it for good.  As a board we appreciated listening to all the team managers at our biannual August league meeting held via zoom. As a board most of us are players but hearing how teams were feeling about possibly playing meant so much to the board and I feel helped us make our eventual decision. 
In the meantime, you are welcome to get together in small groups under the current Guidelines provided by our state association and these are posted right on the Mass Soccer home page. Stay up to date with soccer announcements on our EMWSL or Mass Soccer websites and social media.  Members of our board and Mass Spirit Women’s Soccer Club are willing to assist teams in skills/drills workout sessions if needed. Mass Spirit has been working out for weeks now trying to do small sided workouts and more importantly working on video modules of an ACL prevention program for teams to follow. I feel this training is so important as many players have not played in 6-8 months and we want to ensure players have all the tools to stay healthy. 
If there is anything that I can do to help or answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]. My wish for you is that you have good health and peace in these uncertain times.  I am confident that we all will emerge stronger and we will get back on the pitch!
All my best!
Deirdre “Dee” Woolley
President EMWSL