2021 Summer D1, 2, 3N & 3S Champions

D1 Champion Dynamis
Semi-Final results: Dynamis 1, Suburban Lightning 0.  Azzurri 2, Sidekicks 0, OT
Final, Wed. 8/4 Dynamis 2 Azzurri 2, OT. Dynamis 5-4 in 6th PKS.

D1 Champion Dynamis

Division 2 
Semi-Finals GB Kickbacks 3 4 Mill City 1 , Classic Crush 3 Mavericks 2
Champion Kickbacks 4 Classic Crush 1


D3 North Champions
North Semi-Finals: Reading 3 North Reading 0, Amigas 4 Billerica Balls 2
Final,  Amigas 2 Reading 0



Division 3 South
Semi-Final: Soccer Sistas 3 Seapoint Spirits 0, Bandits 5 Purple Haze 2
Champion Soccer Sistas 2 Bandits 1

Soccer Sistas

New Covid Guidelines - June 4

It has been a long year for EMWSL but we are coming out the other side and are back to the game we all love! 

Per the Governor of Massachusetts masks are no longer required so they will not be required for EMWSL games starting this weekend unless it is the specific requirement of the venue (field/complex) a team is playing at.

If a player, coach, spectator, or referee choose to wear a mask that choice needs to be respected by all.

Teams are encouraged to continue to sanitize equipment. If a player tests positive for Covid 19 after playing in a league game they need to immediately let their Team Manager know.  The complete new Guidelines will be available here on the website. All players and especially Team Managers should review this complete document.

New Outreach Director for EMWSL

Anna Siedzik, chair of our competition committee, has been spearheading our social profile has been making many connections across the country and beyond while getting EMWSL’s name out there. I am appointing Anna officially as our Outreach Director and am excited to see her continue to push our social profile and begin networking with other women’s leagues as well as many of the important outreach programs that are out there. We have worked on some of this the last few years and I know we have barely scratched the surface.

Please forward any questions or ideas on this to Anna Siedzik.