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EMWSL plays soccer in three seasons, Fall, Spring & Summer.

  • Fall & Spring games are played once a week on Sundays, and generally there are 8 games in each.
  • Summer games are played twice a week on Monday & Wednesday evenings, and generally there are 12 to 14 games.

Teams generally build their rosters for each season, and each team collects their own dues to cover the costs of fields, referees & equipment.  Registration closes for each season one month after it begins.

When you fill out this form, it is distributed to the team leaders of the division/s you select.  If team leaders have openings to fill on their rosters, they will contact you.  The number of openings varies from season to season, and within the different divisions. The more divisions you select the greater the possibility of being asked to join a team.  Being part of a team means making a commitment, so filling out this form is confirming that you are ready to make this commitment.

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Desired Level of Play
  • 1A/1B Extremely Competitive - highly skilled and in peak playing condition, often played or continue to play on varsity college or university teams
  • 2A/2B Moderate to Highly Competitive - varying levels of competitive skill
  • 3A - Moderately Competitive Friendly Competition - varying in age groups and level of skill
  • 3B - Friendly competetition - varying in age groups and level of skill.
Soccer Experience
I played in high school:
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Current Physical Shape
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