EMWSL February Annual General Meeting 2018

February 13, 2018, Wellesley Community Center


  • Review contacts for your team
  • Review status of fees and make payments if owed
  1. Roll Call 
  2. Approval of February meeting minutes- approved as posted on the website
  3. Reports from the field:
    1. Division 1 Updates (Peter Counsell): not much for Fall and Spring. There are approximately 10/12 players that need to renew registration. Please update these now to avoid issues before the first game.
      The waiver issue has been taken care of. Debbie Forte will discuss later in meeting.
    2. Division 2 Updates (Patti DiNeno proxy): Captains need to get in scores right after the game.
      We need input for summer season- please consider attending the May divisional meeting to discuss (start times, regional breakouts, field locations, etc).
    3. Division 3 Updates (Jeanene Vounatsos): a couple teams have left, so we are working to get balance of teams. If anyone in D3 wants to discuss the summer season, please send Jeanene your ideas (in lieu of May divisional meeting).
      7 teams are currently playing in Cambridge, we would like 8 for ease. Cost is $120 per game. Most games are typically at Danehy, although some are occasional at Glacken. If you play in Cambridge, you have to use the field- show up and play the game. No credits, even in bad weather.
    4. Open discussion on fall and upcoming spring season:
      Team merges- those teams that are short on numbers, please let us know. We may be able to merge teams to avoid teams dropping out of the division.
      Double rostering- would we allow this? This isn’t a state regulation, but it’s in the EMWSL bylaws that we don’t allow it. Would we consider this for D3 where the players are older? Wouldn’t we rather play the game than forfeit? This is a no for now. If you are challenged finding new players, check with your divisional director- there may be teams that aren’t playing that season or have players looking to play down a division. OR send Debbie at Mass Soccer an email if you’re really hurting.
      Have we thought about partnering with the indoor facilities? This is a good thought; we will try to tap into this resource.
      Uniforms- you need to have a numbers. We discussed this in August- should not be an issue.
    5. Referee Report (Dee for Joe):$1 added to the referee fee this year
    6. Fall Season Scheduling (Dick):D1 is done. There will be an 8 game schedule. Will turn around immediately.
  4. Reports from the Front Office
    1. 2018 Calendar for Approval (Dee):Please note *May 9th* divisional meeting. This is an important meeting and all teams should try to attend.
      Summer games during the week of the 4th? Bring this up at the Divisional meeting and discuss scheduling.
    2. President (Dee Woolley):Past year was successful. Appreciate the board members’ support. We are focused on growing the league, and partnering with the local communities. Working with Kate and Liz to find ways of reaching out to recruit new players. We are reaching out to college coaches to find out if players are available. Any ideas, we’d love to hear it.
      Continue to work limiting forfeits. We need managers to be proactive with this issue.
    3. Vice President (Liz):not much from VP position, but will provide an update for Mass Soccer.
    4. Secretary (Tricia): minutes will be up on the website. Please review and contact me with any questions.
    5. Treasurer Report/financial Update (Jim):We are planning a reduction in accumulated surplus. Working at board level with draft 2018 budget. We will allocate the team invoice for Spring in the next few weeks.
    6. Marketing- (Kate Painter):
      Community outreach for this organization is very important. We collected over 300 used soccer cleats through the cleat drive! These cleats went to “Soccer Without Borders” which provides the equipment, coaching, and transportation to teams in need. New Balance matched this donation and donated over 300 new cleats. We presented these cleats to Lynn and Chelsea high schools, both boys and girls soccer teams. We are trying to figure how to continue this momentum
      Go For the Gold-$943 dollars was given to Pediatric Cancer. We challenge ALL teams to outfit their cleats in gold laces. We should all be supporting this great cause.
      We have been working with a great group to update the website. It will provide all the resources that you need at your fingertips on our site. We are also working on a new logo. Sponsors will be able to post their info on the newly updated website.
      The Breakers’ Games were a great way to spread the word on EMWSL. Very disappointed they have folded. We will focus on NE Revolution this season. We ask that other members participate. You can bring anyone you want and you will receive 2 tickets to watch the game. Please volunteer. This is a great way to promote our league!
      Would love your support, feedback, criticism. Please email Kate if you’d like to help with marketing.
    7. Field Committee: There was one new field added in Woburn. Please make sure your field is ready for the first game. Please update your information on the website. Whether your field is turf/grass/ etc., this is good for the other teams to know.
      Cambridge fields: we have a liaison- she met with the field coordinator in Cambridge. We can’t be picky with times. Game times are at 8,10,12,2. We take what we can get.
    8. New Player Coordinator (Dick):Dick continues to get players looking to join a team. If you pick up any players, please let Dick know.
    9. USASA and Mass Soccer Update (Liz):
      Liz introduced us to Debbie Forte, Mass Soccer Registrar. Debbie handles all rosters, insurance info; everything behind the scenes for Mass Soccer.
      Liz provided a cheat sheet on projects that Mass Soccer is working on. Additionally, Liz had an org chart that showed how we roll up to FIFA and all the other organizations that we have access to.
      We get field insurance, discounts for equipment, support and resources from Mass Soccer. Mass Soccer is making updates to the website (prettier and more secure).
      Online waivers are now live online. This process should be straightforward. We received legal approval and are ready to go.
      Players will no longer be receiving physical player cards. Looking to build an app to make this process easier.
      Planning a combine at the end of March. Looking at locations- possibly the Empower Center at Gillette.
      Comments or suggestions, please let us know. What would make things easier for you?
      Discussion around holding regional clinics. Christine Lilly clinic? Is this too expensive? Should we look to hold multiple events over the year in different indoor facilities? More to come on this.
  5. Upcoming Events*:
    1. USASA Region 1 Championship
      Feb 24th, 2018 Mill Works, Westford MA
      (5v5) Offering entrance fee of $300 for EMWSL teams
      Women’s Division champ will earn USASA Regional Champion
    2. Adult Soccer Fest 2018
      (July 10-15, 2018) Bellingham WA
      Breakers are sending 4 teams, Mass Spirit sending 3 teams.
    3. Wurth Iceland Football and Fun International Tournament
      November 9+10, 2018
      Women’s 25+ and 35+ brackets
      *can be found on www.mass-soccer.org
  6. New Business:
    1. Special guest-Debbie Forte MASS Soccer Registrar and Insurance Officer- see above
    2. Proposal for EMWSL to sponsor teams playing in Vet Cup/Soccer Fest 2018 – players from all 3 divisions representing our league at a national championship. Asking that our league support these 7 teams with $300/team for a total of $1400- Unanimous vote
  7. Elections:
    1. Vice PresidentLiz nominated, unanimous
    2. SecretaryTricia nominated, unanimous
    3. Division Directors (D1, D2, D3)
      1. Peter Councell nominated, vote unanimous
      2. Patti DeNino nominated, vote unanimous
      3. Jeanene Vounatsos, nominated, vote unanimous
  8. Adjournment