General Information


The Eastern Massachusetts Women's Soccer League is a non profit recreational comptetitive soccer league that has been in existence for over 30 years. In the beginning, EMWSL was simply two teams determined to enjoy the game of soccer. The league has grown and evolved to include over 45 teams, and approximately 2100 women on our rosters.  Currently EMWSL has three divisions ranging from highly competitive to recreational.  EMWSL organizes three playing seasons each year: fall, spring and summer.  The fall and spring seasons consist of 7-8 weeks with games being played once a week on Sundays.  The summer season is 6-7 weeks with games played twice a week on Monday AND Wednesday evenings.  In our quest to promote soccer among women in Eastern Massachusetts, we are constantly adapting to accommodate the increased number of women playing the game. We welcome new teams and players each season. A new team's placement in a division is decided using information from the new team and the judgment of the League. Movement from one division to another is possible and is based on the team's record in the spring and fall.  Relegation and promotion within divisions is mandatory and the League President has discretion in all changes.

Each year, the EMWSL holds 2 mandatory League meetings, in February and August.  A representative from each team must be in attendance at each meeting despite which season(s) your team participates.  If a team is not represented, that team is assessed a $100 fine.  Important information is voted on and dispensed at these meetings.

New teams are eligible for incorporation to the EMWSL after one season of play and attendance at two League meetings.


The EMWSL soccer year begins with the fall season.  A registration period occurs three times per year: fall, spring, and summer. (See Calendar) Each season has an initial registration date followed by open registration during which changes may be made to your team roster.  All significant dates for the year are proposed and approved at the League meeting in August.


A roster must be submitted to your assigned registrar on the initial registration date with a minimum of 11 players.  The player's name, complete address, and date of birth are required for any player to be added to your roster.  Each team may have a maximum of 30 players.  Teams registered in division 1, players must be at least 17 years of age by the earlier of the first game they play in or the end of open registration.  For teams in all other divisions, players must be at least 19 years of age by the earlier of the first game they play in or the end of open registration.  In divisions other than division 1, teams may have a maximum of three players under 19  so long as those players are at least 17 years of age.  The EMWSL encourages all teams to register their coach(es)  - they will NOT be counted in your 30 player limit.

In addition to your roster, a deposit of $200 ($500 for NEW teams), a team bond of $100 for new teams, and your home field information is due.


EVERY team is required to secure a field for their home games.  Your field must be within the route 495 belt and must be approved by the EMWSL fields committee.  It is important that you begin the process of securing a field early!  With the rise in popularity of both soccer and lacrosse, fields are in high demand and very difficult to come by.  You should have a good lead on securing a home field BEFORE deciding to enter a team into the League.  Every team must submit the address and a link to the map accompanied by written directions that may be posted on the EMWSL website.  


Each team is required to provide a copy of their official roster for the referee at every game.  Additionally, each player must have a picture ID at every game for the referee to use when cross referencing with the official team roster.

The home team is responsible for providing a lined field in reasonably good condition within regulation size with goals, nets, and corner posts.

All teams are required to wear uniform shirts with numbers.  In the event the home and away team colors match, the home team is responsible for wearing an alternative color shirt.

The EMWSL website is a great source of information and should be visited frequently as notices are posted that could be of interest to all teams.

The full version of the rules and bylaws is available on the website.  Please be sure to read through those pages for more detail on the above points as well as a comprehensive understanding of all the League's rules.

Each season the schedule, team contacts' email addresses, and field maps are posted on the website.

EMWSL Board Members can be contacted to answer questions. Team Contact information can be found on the website.