The Eastern Massachusetts Women's Soccer League is a non-profit organization that has been in existence for over 20 years.  At it's inception, the EMWSL was simply two teams determined to enjoy the game of soccer.  The League has grown and evolved to include 60+ teams and approximately 1600 women.  Currently, the EMWSL has three divisions representing different playing levels ranging from recreational to highly competitive.

The EMWSL is run by four officers and several important board members.  Each position is elected by the member body consisting of team representatives. Several committees also exist to assist the board with special interests or projects.  The officers, board, team representatives and other interested parties meet bi-annually in February and August.  It is mandatory for each team to have one representative in attendance at these meetings.

The EMWSL organizes three playing seasons each year:  fall, spring, and summer.  The fall and spring seasons consist of 7-8 weeks with games being played once per week on Sunday.  Each year in October, the League coordinates a weekend tournament largely attended by teams within the EMWSL but not exclusively.  The summer season games are played on Monday AND Wednesday evenings for 8-9 weeks with the top divisions holding playoffs.

In our quest to promote soccer among women in Eastern Mass., we are constantly adapting to accommodate the increased number of women playing the game.  We welcome new teams and players each season.