February 2017

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  1. Roll Call (Jeanene)
  2. Approval of August meeting minutes: Liz motioned, unanimous
  3. Reports from the field:
    1. Division 1 Updates – Peter
      Not too much to update for the Fall. We had a good season. There were only a few registration issues. If you have any registration issues, please contact Peter and he will inform Diana McKee.
      We are looking to add two new teams in the summer season, Breakers 19 and Stars 19.
    2. Division 2 Updates – Patti
      Two teams are taking a break this Spring. Wild Women are back in.
    3. Division 3 Updates – Jeanene
      The 4 teams that were in the B group have been requesting more teams to play. We are eliminating a group and redistributing the teams to accommodate and have more teams in each group.
    4. Open discussion on Fall season
      Jamboree feedback:
      Most teams had positive feedback on surveys- they like the Jamboree, want to continue to make this an annual event.
      Critiques- Location is challenging and team size is too small. Port-a-potties are disgusting. Some teams suggest 11v11 – although tough to get a full team for 3 hours. 3B only has 4 teams so playing a small team with same competitors is not value add.
      We welcome suggestions for other fields. We get a good deal from Medfield so if you are seeking another field, we need to make sure it makes sense financially.
      Liz would like to form a committee. If you have strong opinions, please consider attending to hash out issues. Get in touch with Liz because she would like your help!
    5. Referee Reports – (Joe)
      Joe is absent. Elizabeth fr/ Valkyrie had a complaint about deaf ref.
      D1 refs- speed of game is an issue. Offside calls are an issue. If you request more refs, you will need to pay for the ref fees.
      Jim will relay feedback to Joe.
    6. Spring Season Scheduling – Dick
      If you need field sharing dates, please let Dick know. If you are requesting Cambridge fields, let Jeanene know ASAP. Lois Kessin will no longer be the Cambridge field coordinator. Jeanene has a volunteer in line to take her place- must be a Cambridge resident.
  4. Reports from the front office
    1. 2017 Calendar for Approval (Liz)
      Liz reviewed dates. Approved
    2. Treasurer Reports – (Jim)
      1. Financial Review
      2. 2017 Budget for Approval
    3. Reactivating our Field Review Committee (Jim)
      We are getting more complaints on the condition of fields and have decided to resurrect the Field Review Committee under Jim. Jim needs volunteers. Please let him know if you are willing to help. Reviewing a field would mean taking a look at the field before the season starts. i.e. field conditions, size, location, lining, etc.
      Kate Painter nominated as co-chair of the committee…reluctantly.
    4. Update on the VP (Liz)
      Kat is staying in Virginia. Liz recommends having a VP here in Massachusetts to support the new president. Will address this in the elections.
      More opportunities to help
      1. Join our Marketing Team – online/offline – promote EMWSL (Kate)
        We want to get our name out there. Need help with facebook, twitter, etc. Please see Liz and Kate Painter. It would be great to tap the players on your team for marketing support. Lots of players have a marketing background and this would be easy for them!
      2. Jamboree planning committee
        Contact Liz if you want to help with Jamboree.
  5. Upcoming Tourneys/Events:
    1. Announcing a new indoor facility: Mill Works Sports and Performance Center (Eileen Hackney – Director of Operations)
      Mill Works Sports and Health Performance Center is a new facility in Westford. The facility is opening in two phases. Phase 1: 2- 200’x85’ indoor turf fields (no boards). Phase 2: fitness center, 6 basketball hardwood courts, 2 volleyball courts, and track.
      Excited to have Mass soccer running the first 2 events there:
      Hosting the MASS Soccer Combine on February 25th, 1-3:00. This is an opportunity for players to showcase their skills. If you are looking for players, come down and check them out. There were many players picked up last year. All skill levels participate.
      USASA Region 1 Indoor 5v5 Tournament, March 5th.
      Open, O30 and Co-ed Divisions. 3-30 minute games guaranteed.
      $275 (before 2/17) $325 (after 2/17) Registration closes February 26.
    2. USASA and Mass Soccer News 
      1. Mass Soccer New Player Combine:  February 25th, 1-3pm (see above)
      2. USASA Indoor Championship: March 5th
        Breakers are sending 4 teams, O50, O55, O60, O65
        Mass Spirit sending O30, O40, O50
      3. New England Soccer Open: August 19/20 with Special Olympics Showcase Game, Lancaster
        Register by May 1 for the early registration discount of $50 per team. Registration after this date is $400 per team.
        Your participation will benefit Special Olympics with $25 going to the Massachusetts chapter for every team that registers.  There will also be an exhibition game featuring all Special Olympic athletes, please come out to cheer them on.
      4. Veteran’s Cup/USASA Adult Soccer Fest: Nashville!!  July 12-16th.
        Info about all tournaments listed above can be found on the Mass Soccer website, www.mass-soccer.org
    3. Breakers – Tickets and events. (Jamie Gillis)
      Works with organizations, club teams and towns. Brainstorming ideas on how to get EMWSL involved (tailgating events, tournaments, etc). Partnerships available.
  6. New Business:
    1. Uniforms – New vendor (Angel Ayres from Acton Rebels)
      Atlantic Sportswear- talking with league about partnership. Need uniforms? Contact Angel
  7. Elections:
    1. President
      Liz nominates Dee Woolley. Dee Woolley elected.
    2. VP (Special Election)
      Liz nominated and elected.
    3. Treasurer
      Jim is seeking reelection. Nominated and elected.
  8. Adjournment